About ProActive Safety 

ProActive Safety Systems, Inc., (PASS) develops proactive and predictive safety processes for the business aviation industry, helping flight department professionals to identify hazards, assess associated risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate those risks.

The following services include the creation of sustainable SMS programs that can significantly reduce risk, thereby enhancing safety levels, lowering costs and improving productivity.

Two-day safety seminars

Designed for safety-minded professionals working in a business aviation flight department,  our two-day operational safety management seminars provide the requisite knowledge and skills to implement and operate an integrated safety management system. Attendees will learn how to effectively communicate and promote their aviation safety program, plus add efficiency and flexibility to their individual operation, thereby improving their flight department’s overall performance.

Gap analysis and aviation safety consulting

We assist organizations become safer and more efficient through Safety Management System (SMS) seminars, safety audits and SMS consulting. We understand the complicated issues associated with a SMS and offer a very SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE approach to building and maintaining a SMS. We’ll help you develop and/or revise your SMS program and train your aviation organization using a variety of safety-related tools.

Safety audits

ProActive is certified to perform audits under the IS-BAO protocol, as well as, the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) protocol. Whether you need a gap analysis performed or a complete audit of your operation, ProActive has accredited auditors ready to work with you to take your operation to the next level of safety and efficiency. Our auditors have the fundamental goal of ensuring each audit is of value to the client. Our professional auditors treat clients with the utmost respect they deserve. We approach each audit knowing we will have the opportunity to learn from the client, just as the client will learn from us.


More About ProActive Safety

We understand the importance of a positive safety culture for an organization to succeed. We feel there must be a “just” culture where employees are empowered to voluntarily disclose errors and missteps that could lead to accidents. Effective cultural assessment is one of our areas of expertise.