About ProActive Safety 

At ProActive Safety Systems (PASS), we have the expertise and experience to create an effective SMS and elevate the level of safety of aviation organizations such as:

  • Corporate flight departments
  • Charter flight departments
  • Maintenance organizations
  • Airlines (majors and regionals)
  • Airports
  • Air traffic management organizations
  • Flight Training organizations

PASS focuses on the concept of Continuous Loop Safety™ to create proactive and ultimately predictive safety processes for our clients.

We understand the importance of a positive safety culture for an organization to succeed. We feel there must be a “just” culture where employees are empowered to voluntarily disclose errors and missteps that could lead to accidents. Effective cultural assessment is one of our areas of expertise.

We express our knowledge and beliefs through educational seminars, direct consulting and safety audits.

Our Expertise

To summarize, our capabilities and expertise centers around our ability to bring to clients the following:

  • Knowledge of and methods to improve organizational safety culture
  • Effective employee reporting and data analysis
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk mitigation
  • Human factors expertise with an in-depth understanding of
    –  Crew Resource Management (CRM)
    –  Threat and Error Management (TEM)
    –  Fatigue Risk Management (FRM)
    –  Safety Audits
  • Focus on specific needs of our clients, tailoring all solutions directly to those needs.

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