SMS Seminar 

A significant component of a dynamic safety management system (SMS) is safety-based training for everyone in your aviation organization.

Meet your team’s IS-BAO SMS training requirements by sending them to our upcoming SMS seminar, “Fundamentals of Effective Safety Management.”



Based on operational experience

The curriculum, presented by JR Russell, who is a 22,000-hour pilot and founder of ProActive, provides the requisite knowledge and skills to implement and operate an integrated safety management system. Attendees will learn how to effectively communicate and promote their aviation safety program, plus add efficiency and flexibility to their individual operation, thereby improving their flight department’s overall performance.

Course curriculum

  • Safety Fundamentals. Review the definition of a hazard or threat, potential consequences of a threat, latent conditions, active failures and the mechanics of accident causation.

  • Four Pillars of SMS. Discuss the elements of every SMS, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion.

  • SMS Toolbox. Learn about various resources to help implement and manage a SMS, such as a flight risk assessment tool, crew resource management, employee reporting, internal evaluation program, flight operations quality assurance analysis, flight operations manual, threat and error management, and fatigue risk management.

  • Operational Simulations. Learn about scenarios based on actual events, incidents and accidents, which will help explain how a proactive SMS process might have precluded the event—or those similar to it—in the future.

  • Organizational Mission. Discuss how important an element safety is in the attendees’ companies’ missions.

  • Financial Considerations. Understand the business impacts of health, safety and environmental investments; and how to analyze the cost vs. consequence information critical to making an effective cost vs. risk decision.

  • Positive Safety Culture. Discuss how a SMS can only succeed when the entire organization is engaged.

What makes this SMS seminar different?

– Taught by an expert safety leader who demonstrates SMS applications from the inside out.

– Demystifies SMS by distilling complex guidance and regulations into easy-to-understand, actionable information.

– Facilitated from an operational perspective by a business aircraft pilot vs. from a compliance-only perspective.

– Small class size provides for two-way discussion vs. lecture room format.

– Uses real-world examples and best practices instead of only discussing theory and federal regulations.

– Satisfies SMS training requirements with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO).

Attendees will learn to:

– Add value to the business aviation operation and its host company.

– Promote strategic thinking and advance safety to a “proactive level.”

– Establish a real-world SMS and meet safety audit standards.

– Improve operations and enhance efficiencies.

– Reduce organizational liability and insurance costs.

– Comply with regulations (federal and international).

– Understand and implement tools to make SMS work for and comply with the operation and its standards.

The $750 registration fee includes:

– Breakfast and lunch during the seminar.

– Notebook, including slide printouts of the presentation.

– USB flash drive, including an electronic copy of the presentation, a Flight Risk Assessment Tool, safety policy examples and other SMS educational references.